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Update Plans

WordPress update plansTM

Following our recent article titled Is your website still safe? (French only) we have received several inquiries about Web security services offered. To ensure peace of mind, we have designed three maintenance and update plans.

Mini plan - 199$/year

  • WordPress updates, plugins and themes done on a monthly basis.
  • Visual check after each update.
  • Priority support.

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Regular plan - $ 399 / year

  • WordPress updates, plugins and themes done on a weekly basis.
  • Critical Safety Updates in less than 24 hours.
  • MySQL and PHP updates.
  • Installing the Wordfence Security plugin (if you do not have it already) including :
    • Firewall,
    • IP address blocking after 3 failed login attempts
    • Validation and security of the administrator accounts
    • Malware monitoring
  • Visual check after each update
  • Priority support

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Advanced Plan - $ 799 / year

The advanced plan includes all the services of the regular plan plus :

  • Adding a CAPTCHA on forms and connections.
  • Free restoration of your site in case of problems following an update.
  • Free restoration of your site in case of attack (only if your site is hosted on our servers).
  • Complete removal of malware.
  • Premium Wordfence license included.
  • Threat Analysis with Wordfence Central.Wordfence Central.

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All plans are renewable on January 1st of each year. If the plan is purchased during the year, it will be prorated according to the number of months remaining.

A prior review of the site can be done to assess needs and suggest the most appropriate plan (single initial fee applicable).

Updates can sometimes cause problems. Note that this type of event does not occur frequently and is out of our control. Therefore, in the case of such an eventual recovery is not included. We will restore the defective item to its old version and contact you to discuss any charges.

If you have any questions about our security plans or the security of your site, do not hesitate to contact us at 514-225-4172. To subscribe to a plan, use the sign up button or contact us .

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